I'm Embracing My Curly Hair This Summer—These Products Changed the Game

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woman using aveda be curly hair products for curls
(Image credit: @annadzhenderson, Original Illustration: Ally Quirk)

As much as I love my curly hair, it doesn't make nearly as many appearances as I'd like it to. And when my hair is in its natural state, it's usually in a slicked-back bun or half-up-half-down situation because I've always struggled to find products that give it the look I want. I often straighten my hair for convenience, but come summer, keeping a blowout looking fresh is almost impossible. So I've been on a mission to embrace my natural hair more than ever. With Aveda's new be curly advanced™ line, wearing my curls is easier than I could have imagined. I've said goodbye to frizz and dry locks and literally can't stop obsessing over my hair. (My curls actually stay in place!) Keep scrolling to get the details of the products keeping my coils in order.

For the shower:

curly hair woman using aveda products

(Image credit: @annadzhenderson, Original Illustration: Ally Quirk)

The be curly advanced™ shampoo and conditioner are a go-to duo. The silicone-free formulas gently cleanse and replenish moisture, resulting in curls that are not only clean but also vibrant and defined. The conditioner doubles as a leave-in conditioner and instantly moisturizes and helps detangle my curls. (My arm used to get a workout with my comb.) And on in-between days, the be curly advanced™ co-wash steps in, refreshing my curls and removing build-up without compromising my hair's strength thanks to its vegan curl-strengthening peptide. When my hair needs an extra boost, the be curly advanced™ intensive curl perfecting masque is my go-to. Its ability to condition, smooth, and add shine while shielding against frizz in high humidity is a miracle if I've ever seen one.

For styling:

aveda be curly products flatlay

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These Aveda products are made to enhance natural curls. The be curly advanced™ curl perfecting primer is the crucial first step in my styling process. This leave-in primer is infused with UV filters to help protect my curls from the drying effects of the sun while instantly reducing frizz. Its detangling properties help minimize breakage and smooth my curls and coils. The be curly advanced™ curl enhancer cream and coil definer gel (choose your fighter!) have become my go-to products for frizz protection. (I tested them in the hot, moist Cancún climate, so you know they're good.) Not only do they hydrate my curls, but they amplify their shine. Knowing that curls and waves tend to be more delicate, I appreciate how these products replenish strength with a peptide derived from plant proteins, leaving my curls feeling resilient and nourished.

Wash : shampoo + intensive curl perfecting masque

Style: curl perfecting primer + coil definer gel

curly hair woman using aveda products

(Image credit: @annadzhenderson, Original Illustration: Ally Quirk)

On this day, I knew my hair needed a little extra love after not being washed for about a week. I gave it a nice lather with the shampoo and after rinsing, let the curl perfecting mask sit for a few minutes. My hair soaked it up. Once I rinsed it out, I couldn't stop running my fingers through the smooth strands. I towel-dried with a microfiber towel (a must!) and started with the curl perfecting primer. Then I scrunched up with the coil definer gel. I was definitely a bit cautious—gels tend to make my hair feel crunchy, but I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. My hair held in place all day and looked soft and voluminous.

Wash: co-wash + conditioner

Style: curl perfecting primer + curl enhancer cream

curly hair woman using aveda products

(Image credit: @annadzhenderson, Original Illustration: Ally Quirk)

Here, I was in between wash days and opted for the co-wash so I could cleanse without stripping my hair, and I massaged the conditioner in afterward. The curl perfecting primer came in handy since my hair was a little more tangled than usual. All it needed was a couple of sprays, and my comb glided through perfectly. And the curl enhancer cream? Absolute perfection.

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