These 22 Products Have Saved My Skin From the Heat This Summer

The 23 best beauty products for summer heat



These summer heat waves mean long beach days, outdoor dining, and carefree nights out. But unfortunately, it also means that our skin suffers the consequences. Whether you're dripping in a dry climate or schvitzing in the humidity, the high temperatures do a number on our skin. Redness, dryness, clogged pores, sunburns—they're all the collateral damage of the fun summer months. 

As someone with sensitive skin, intense heat isn't for me. I love the sun as much as the next girl, but sadly, my skin does not. After a few hot days, my skin will be red, irritated, and inflamed. I can't even take a hot-yoga class without my skin freaking out, so summer is tricky for me. I've had no choice but to perfect my summer skincare routine, and after much trial and error, I've found the holy-grail products for both face and body that save my skin from the heat. From sunscreens to cooling masks to hydrating serums, these products help keep my skin calm and happy in high temperatures. Below, I'm sharing the 22 best beauty products for the summer heat in case your skin is also feeling the burn as we reach peak heat. 


You know sunscreen is at the top of the list, and this one from EltaMD is my go-to. It doesn't leave any white film or residue, wears well under makeup, and won't cause breakouts. I've tried a lot of sunscreens, and this one is superior. 

If you're looking for sun protection plus a dewy glow, Supergoop's Glow Screen is the one for you. It protects your skin with SPF 40 and leaves a radiant glow—perfect for no-makeup days. 

Don't sleep on sun protection for your lips! I've made this mistake way too many times and come home from a day in the sun with red, irritated lips. This lip treatment feels as moisturizing as can be. Plus, it has SPF 45 to protect your lips from sun damage. 

As you can see, my face is always slathered in SPF to keep sun damage and harmful UV rays at bay. But I still want to look like I have that sun-kissed summer glow, so I fake it with the Elaluz Overnight Facial Glow. This cream works double duty as both a moisturizer and gradual self-tanner, so you wake up with a warm, golden glow. I use it between one to three nights in a row to match my face to my body (which is typically a bit darker), and it's been a total game-changer. 

As someone with sensitive skin, I have a hard time with vitamin C. I want all the brightening benefits (especially after time in the sun), but most formulas are a bit too harsh for me. Enter the IS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum. The gentle formula combines vitamin C with olive-leaf extract, plus vitamins A and E to boost antioxidant protection and improve skin tone. This is now one of my holy-grail products. I know it's pricey but the results are real. 

All my red ladies, this is a godsend. As I've written about before, I have sensitive skin and mild rosacea, so intense heat is not my friend. I tend to flush during the hot summer months, so I turn to this soothing gel whenever I need to calm irritation and neutralize redness. It contains botanical extracts packed with anti-inflammatory benefits, so I see a difference in my skin within minutes. 

This mask is my savior when my skin is especially irritated after, say, a long beach day, a trip to the sauna, a hot-yoga session, etc. The soothing formula reduces redness, discomfort, and heat thanks to ingredients such as cucumber, thyme, olive-leaf extract, and hyaluronic acid. It's also great post-workout if your skin tends to heat up like mine—leave this on for a few minutes for instant relief. 

When I say this is the most soothing oil I've ever used, I mean it. The Elaluz Beauty Oil is heavenly after a long beach day or time outdoors, and it works well under makeup to prevent those annoying under-eye creases. Oh, and it's EWG verified, so I feel even better about drowning my skin in it every day. 

I've waxed poetic about these peel pads many times, but they're really just that good. And while they're a staple in my routine year-round, I find them especially helpful during the summer to slough away dead skin and reveal a smoother texture and seriously glowy skin. They're also gentle enough for sensitive skin thanks to soothing ingredients like green tea–leaf extract and lavender oil. These are the only peel pads I've been able to use with zero irritation. 

A gentle cleanser is essential during the summer to avoid stripping the skin, and my personal favorite is this one from clean brand Mara. Packed with powerful fruit enzymes, it removes all traces of makeup, dirt, and sweat while gently exfoliating. Your skin will feel both squeaky clean and hydrated at the same time. 

This mask is my savior after a long beach day or sweaty summer workout—it provides an instant cooling sensation that's just heavenly. It also delivers soothing hydration thanks to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, centella asiatica, and resveratrol. Consider this your dry-skin BFF. 

Similar to the Hydra-Intensive Masque, the Hydra-Cool Serum hydrates and soothes skin with powerful antioxidants and botanicals. It's my go-to when I know I'm going to be out in the sun. It not only cools the skin, but it also helps calm down redness, which I'm prone to.

This is my all-time favorite soothing moisturizer. It's ultra-hydrating and packed with colloidal oatmeal to help relieve irritated skin. It's also thick without being heavy, so it's perfect for sweaty summer months. 

When my skin feels extra dry from the heat (I live in California, so our summers aren't humid like some areas), I reach for the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for a boost of hydration. Packed with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, it leaves your skin feeling plump and moisturized after just a few minutes. 

Reduce puffiness while cooling the skin with an ice roller. It's great for sculpting and defining, but honestly, I mostly use it in the summer just because it feels so good after a long, hot day. 

I know this isn't a skincare product, but I consider it just as important for protecting my skin during the summer. Catch me on my morning walk or at the beach with an ultra-wide-brim hat—UV rays be damned. 


The 23 best beauty products for summer heat



No sun damage to see here. Meet my new favorite body sunscreen. It sprays on clear, leaves zero white cast, and boasts a reef-safe formula to protect our oceans from harsh chemicals like oxybenzone, which is typically found in SPFs. It also doesn't leave you feeling like you're covered in grease (my pet peeve with most sunscreens), so I can use this on my morning walk without needing to immediately hop in the shower. 

Since I'm slathering myself in the aforementioned SPF, Tan-Luxe's The Water is my hero product for faking a sun-kissed bronze. I love this formula because, unlike most self-tanners, it sprays on clear with no nasty self-tanner smell. I feel 100% confident applying this and going about my day while the formula develops. A few hours later, I'm left with a beautiful golden tan that lasts about a week. I even bring it on vacation with me now for touch-ups. 

One thing about me is I'm a seriously dry girl. My skin is like the Sahara Desert in the summer. So a rich body lotion is my BFF this time of year, and I'm partial to the Bioderma Intensive Balm. It's ultra-hydrating yet gentle, which is great for sensitive skin like mine. 

Don't forget your hands! There's nothing worse than dry, cracked hands, and this cream from Fresh is like a cool drink of water in the summer. I keep this one in my bag at all times to reapply throughout the day. 

Since the summer months tend to be much, ahem, sweatier, a good bodywash is essential. I've been loving this new one from Flamingo Estate. The silky castile soap cleanses and replenishes the skin's biome with natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and lavender, plus meadowfoam-seed and jojoba oils. 

This is, hands down, the best clean deodorant I've ever tried. It goes on 100% clear, doesn't leave you feeling sticky, and keeps you fresh all day. Plus, it has a light eucalyptus and rose scent that's oh so refreshing.