I Spotted These 4 Cool Décor Trends at the Pinterest-Famous NYC Home


Photo by @_sierramayhew, Home by @eyeswoon

When I received an invitation to enter the home of Athena Calderone, I immediately gasped. If you're not up to date with the interior design side of Instagram, allow me to explain who that is. Going by the social media nickname of @eyeswoon. Calderone has renovated and decorated her Brooklyn home into a picture-perfect destination. Her images have been reposted over and over again by design inspiration accounts, so, therefore, I'd call her space "viral."

She recently did a collaboration with Crate and Barrel, where she designed pieces that mirror the Modern European aesthetic that her home is known for. After seeing the way that every piece came together in synchronicity upon entering her home, I felt like I needed every item. In general, Calderone has found a way to fill her home with pieces that are quite on-trend but also timeless. I've rounded up the four home décor trends I'm thinking of buying into after admiring her home.

1. Shearling


Photo by @_sierramayhew, Home by @eyeswoon

I've had my eye on all things shearling for a while from fluffy pillows to cozy couches. This chair just might be the best item I've seen. Something about the luxurious nature of the fabric always wins me over.

Piling these up on my couch as we speak.

I can't imagine a more beautiful thing.

2. Abstract Shapes


Photo by @_sierramayhew, Home by @eyeswoon

If you're thinking about buying a traditional vase or coffee table, think again. According to every item in this house, asymmetrical and unique shapes are way cooler. I'm all about this trend because I think it's a very easy way to elevate your home and if you find the right vases to buy into, it won't be too pricey.

This is the latest addition to my home and it's worth every cent.

Why drink wine out of a normal glass?

Give me an excuse to add a pendant lamp to my home, and I'll run with it.

Everyone who comes over will ask you where you got this.

3. Jewel Tones


Photo by @_sierramayhew, Home by @eyeswoon

Adding a touch of color to your home always brings so much joy. I like to tell a color story by choosing different hues that complement each other. Calderone's home was filled with jewel-tone furniture pieces and home décor items. It's such a good color palette to dip into for fall and winter.

Shop the trend:

I have a hard time finding pillows that go together, so I love that Calderone has done the work for me.

Think of this as a candle that you never have to toss.

Still one of the best items that has come into my home.

4. Rattan


Photo by @_sierramayhew, Home by @eyeswoon

I used to think that rattan was only meant for bohemian homes, but Calderone proved me wrong. The subtle addition of this wicker-like material made her bedroom feel a bit Grecian in all the right ways. This is a trend I definitely plan to try myself.

The perfect addition to my entryway to hold all of those fall coats.

This would look so good on my bedside table.

Wow the guests at your dinner party by pulling these extra chairs out of random corners.

Mount this in your living room and chill nights in will simply hit different.