You're About to See These '80s-Inspired Dresses Everywhere


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Take a look at the fall/winter 18 runways and you’ll notice a pattern you can’t ignore: the return of the ’80s. Between the near-blinding neon and the decade’s signature silhouettes of broad shoulders and volume (hello, shoulder pads!), it’s clear there’s no escaping the vibrant trend, so you might as well get on board. Luckily for you, with the festive holiday season just around the corner, there’s no better time to start shopping for ’80s-style dresses to get yourself in the mood.

Whether you’re the type of girl can’t get enough scrunchies or someone who’d prefer to keep old trends in the past, we can all agree that the dresses from this era were truly iconic. In a time where bigger and louder meant better, we saw every eye-catching trend you could think of, and the dresses we’ve been seeing are 100% party ready. Ahead, we’ve pulled together the most stylish dresses inspired by ’80s trends to wear for all your upcoming events. Shop them all below.



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We’ve had feather embellishments on our radar for a few seasons now, and without a doubt, they’re definitely one of the most fun trends of the season.



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You can’t go wrong with covering yourself in sequins. Wear them to your holiday parties, or dress them down with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket.



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Whether you’re headed to a special occasion or not, fringe is always a showstopper. You’ll love moving around in these picks.



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The ’80s were all about disrupting the traditional trends, hence the birth of one-shoulder dresses. As a cousin of the popular off-the-shoulder dress, we feel this style is particularly fresh.

Statement Shoulders


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Last but most certainly not least, there’s no ’80s trend quite like topping off a dress with bold shoulders, and this trend has made a return for 2018. 

Now see how our editors’ moms took on the ’80s.

Dale Arden Chong