12 Career Quotes to Live By in 2018

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is—a burst of inspiration to shake up your 9-to-5/freelance hustle/head-boss-in-charge/internship workflow is always welcome. And even though we all deserve a break over the holiday season, it’s also helpful to recharge and reignite some motivation when we go back to the grind in January. But we’re not talking “new year, new you” advice nonsense; instead, we’re looking to some of the coolest, boldest, most unapologetically authentic women we know who are killing it in the career world.

These leaders have earned their way into the biggest boardrooms in America by working hard and being themselves without forming to society’s expectations. They’re changing their industries by using their voices in the best ways they know how. Their words will inspire you—no matter your job title or experience level.

Scroll down for the 12 of the most inspiring quotes to motivate you for the year ahead. Save your favorite one for a day when you most need it, or apply it to your life come January 1. Your career, your call.