Girls With Curly Hair Are Buying This £16 Shampoo so Much It's Selling Out

One of my favourite things about my job is getting the inside scoop about under-the-radar beauty products that are going to be a big hit. So when I heard about a £16 shampoo that was flying off the shelves, I was all ears. Formulated specifically with curly girls in mind, Only Curls is a London-based hair brand that is building a small but cult following on Instagram. So much so that, when its products first launched, its travel set of hair miniatures completely sold out.

With products continuing to whizz in and out of stock ever since, a representative for the brand actually told me that "some customers have been mentioning that they have been rationing their bottles to last them." Keep scrolling to find out just what makes this £16 shampoo so worthy of stockpiling and to shop my other curly-girl hair picks.


(Image credit: @ASOS_LESLEY)

There are plenty of hair brands on the market but Only Curls started with a mission to cater to curly girls with a collection of cleansing, conditioning and styling products. Every product in the range is vegan and free from sulphates, minerals and other chemicals that can be harsh on fragile curls and kinks. 

Having tried their ultra-gentle, sulphate-free shampoo for myself I was pleasantly surprised at how my usually dry waves felt deeply hydrated and softer than usual. Packed with avocado and kukui oil, it deeply moisturises strands and helps to subtly define your natural texture. Basically, I can see why it's incredibly popular.

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Mica Ricketts