The Best Career Advice From 3 Cool, Successful Women

Here at Who What Wear, we're constantly talking about stylish workwear—but it's not every day that we get a chance to speak to the successful women actually wearing those stylish blazers. Since we're always poised and ready for insights from ultra-inspiring female leaders, we hosted an intimate panel with Chandon in New York to bring a few of them together (because who doesn't love chatting over a glass of sparkling wine?).

We tracked down three of the coolest, savviest women we know: Rebecca Minkoff (fashion designer turned tough-decision-making business mogul), Andee Olsen (who went from studying engineering to working at Vogue to her dream job as a content strategist at Bumble), and Pauline Lhote (our latest French-girl crush who worked her way up from intern to head of winemaking at Chandon California). While they work in vastly different industries, they've all faced their fair share of career obstacles and learned invaluable lessons along the way—trust us, if anyone knows the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive squad, it's these women.

The panel discussion was so good we wanted to share the highlights with you from the interviews. Read on and get inspired by these successful women's stories—there's so much quality advice.

Inspired to search out your own squad of professionals? Check out our LinkedIn page to connect with like minds while enjoying your own glass of bubbly. Shop Chandon's full collection of wines, including its festive bottles designed by Rebecca Minkoff.