The Unexpected Way Cate Blanchett Styled Ugg Boots

Fashion girls know all about mastering that high-low mix, aka combining pricey designer pieces with more affordable, everyday staples. Cate Blanchett, for one, just proved that she's a bona fide expert on the subject with her newest outfit. Between takes while filming her new Ocean's Eight movie with Sandra Bullock, Blanchett wore Alexander Wang's Printed Fur Coat ($3775) with Ugg's Classic II Mini Boots ($140).

We love how she juxtaposed a dramatic leopard coat with more laid-back pieces, including on-trend athleisure track pants and cozy Ugg boots. The result is the ultimate high-low mix that we're dying to copy. If you're eager to take your own Ugg boots out for a spin, just emulate Blanchett and pair them with a sophisticated piece like a leopard coat. Et voilà: You've got the perfect cold-weather look.

Scroll down to how Cate Blanchett styled Ugg boots and shop the pieces she's wearing!

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Opening Image: Getty Images