How 17 Real Women Remember to Take Their Birth Control


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If you ask a handful of women in your life how they remember to take their birth control pills on a daily basis, chances are you will be met with a delightful array of life hacks ranging from obvious ("I put an alarm on my phone") to quirky ("I store my pills in my silverware drawer so I never forget") to downright unhelpful ("I have an IUD"). When so many of us are subjected to the onus of this daily ritual—which is nonetheless one of the less arduous factors of taking hormonal birth control—it's not surprising that the methods for remembering abound.

So when this conversation came up at Byrdie HQ one morning, we thought it only made sense to extend it to our readers for their pointers, too. And after putting out the call on Instagram and in our secret Facebook Group, the answers did not disappoint. From Rihanna-themed alarms to living and breathing reminders, we're rounding up the most creative ways you remember to take birth control below.


"I just learned to make it a part of my nighttime routine. I keep my pack in the drawer where I keep my lip balm and hand cream. I can't go to sleep without either of them, so I do all three before I hop into bed!" — K

“I store it with my daily vitamin container—I put it into the morning slot and leave it on my kitchen counter because [it’s my first stop] to get my coffee.” — @hauteeverything

“A post-it note by my toothbrush.” — @lindsayenolan


“I pop them out of the foil each week and keep them in a pill case by my bed.” — @mmobjects

“I also use the app Clue for nightly reminders.” — @estrella5268


“I have an alarm and keep mine in my wallet. No matter where I am (at home, at a friend's house, at a bar, etc) I always just take it right then. Keeping it in my wallet means I always have it with me and I take it at the same time everyday.” — @contrapposta

"I put it right by my skincare products because somehow I never forget to use those (vanity). Ha!" — J


“I put a pill with all my other vitamins in a shot glass and keep it in visible sight in the kitchen.” — @juliettamarie

"I put my pill pack in an empty glass on my nightstand in the morning before I get out of bed. That way, when I go to fill up my glass at night the pill is right there AND I have water to take it." — K


"I would forget my head at home every day if it weren't attached to my neck... So I have an alarm on my phone that rings every night with the name being—I kid you not (ha!)— '



 — N

“I put it in a cabinet in my kitchen where our water glasses are so I see it daily. I take it while my husband and I make dinner, that's why I store it in the kitchen!” — @ckokinov

"My strategy is to eliminate as much of the thinking as possible and make sure I never get caught without it. Every Sunday, I mete out all of my pills for the week (including enough supplements to rival the inventory of a GNC) into individual containers, like a grandma. My pill organizer is a tower of stackable circular containers that screw together, so I can throw one in my bag if I don't have time to eat before I leave. I also make sure to keep a dose or two of the daily essentials (read: prescriptions) in a tiny pillbox that lives in my purse always." — E

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