Here's Zoe Saldana's Amazing Fringe Dress From Every Angle

>Fashion should make you happy. For some, that may mean wearing the coziest Lululemon leggings, for others the most stunning Gucci handbag. But for Zoe Saldana, we’ll venture to say the latest piece of happiness-inducing fashion she’s worn was her Emilio Pucci dress last night to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere. Although you’ll need to take a closer look at every angle to understand what we mean.

>At first glance, the dress is not shy. It’s a bright tangerine color that features alternating panels of sequins and extra-long fringe. But it’s elegant, too. And you can only truly appreciate it when you see it move—every piece of fringe swung as Saldana did across the red carpet, making nearly every photo we saw of her a little different than the last.

>Click in below for the full effect of this very special design.