Zendaya Simultaneously Fought Body Shaming and Discovered a New Model

Zendaya may only be 20 years old, but she’s totally outspoken—calling out injustices when she sees them and making a name for herself with her talents and her voice. And she doesn’t just talk the talk.

As Teen Vogue reported, Zendaya took to Twitter a few days ago responding to an instance of body shaming. She spoke out against a cyber bully who attacked a user, Honey Dip, on her photos and size.

“She is fine as hell head to toe and garunteed [sic] does't know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen,” Zendaya said in response to the mean and disrespectful comments toward Honey Dip, which have since been deleted from Twitter. And in the next breath Zendaya made the ultimate offer: "Can we find her @....I'd love for her to be a @dayabyzendaya model." 

Ultimately, social media (and her the style star's millions of followers) brought the two together, and we're hoping it's not long before we officially see Honey Dip fronting Daya by Zendaya's next campaign. After all, the brand itself was created to celebrate and represent women of all shapes and sizes.

Back in November Zendaya told Who What Wear why it wasn't even a question to include plus sizes in her just-launched label: "There are a billion different types of body shapes in the world, and to annihilate an entire section makes no sense to me. To me, [inclusive sizing] is a first instinct." It'll be exciting to see how her plans continue to roll out and promote inclusivity, not bullying.

>Scroll down to see how the exchange went down between the star and the newly signed model.

Style Icon: Zendaya

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