$100 Summer Budget? Here's What to Buy Right Now

Zendaya fans know the drill by now: Each season, you can count on her to create the coolest, most affordable pieces for her Daya by Zendaya brand. Of course, her latest collection is no exception. To get the scoop on the new wares, we went straight to the source and interviewed Zendaya for her tips on summer dressing.

When we asked Zendaya what she would recommend buying with a $100 budget, she shared a couple of stylish suggestions from her new collection. "I would say a classic slip dress is a good go-to," she told Who What Wear. "You can dress it up or dress it down. It's just super comfortable and the colors that it comes in are really rich against anybody's skin tone." It's clear Zendaya practices what she preaches: She's even worn one of the dresses on the red carpet.

Since the slip dresses in her collection are a mere $40, you'd still have plenty left over in your $100 budget. What else should you swipe up? "My sweat suits are really great," she told us. "I've been wearing them all week because I don't honestly have time to pick out my outfits—with a sweat suit, it's pretty much already picked out for me, which is nice!"

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