Is It Wrong We Want This Zara Bag for Our Groceries?

Zara is not just fast fashion—it’s lightening speed. Trends go from the runway to your closet in a flash. But the next It item—or so we’ll argue—from the brand gets a bit slower, a bit more classic, and very practical. Truthfully, that’s what makes it so attractive.

The Zara Jute Tote Bag is a $16 shopper with the potential to replace all your old, worn-out freebie totes and make the “paper or plastic?” question obsolete. (One can hope.) It’s a classic tote shape and appears to have a very roomy interior, great for schlepping around everyday stuff—like gym clothes, groceries, laundry, mail, etc. Much like IKEA’s upcoming shopper upgrade, à la Virgil Abloh, Zara’s clean and neutral design seems like a sleek alternative to what otherwise might be a mundane carryall. In other words, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing this jute Zara bag more than the one you spent an entire paycheck on.

Take a closer look at the no-brainer purchase below.