Zara's New Ballet Collection Is So on Point—Literally



Zara has continued to wow us with its integration of the ballet aesthetic amid the store's fast-fashion shelves. Starting with its last full ballerina-inspired collection and most recently ending with its take on ballet flats, Zara just officially outdid itself with its new spring studio collection. However, this time around, the retailer decided to shy away from the traditional elegance and expected pristine that anything ballerina-related typically embodies, instead curating a collection completely focused on ballerina-off-duty style.

We had heard of model-off-duty style before, but ballerina-off-duty? That's a new one. We can only imagine that this is what the most stylish ballerinas in the industry would wear as they leave the studio or theater following a long day of rehearsals, and the look is très chic. In typical Zara fashion, we are confidently expecting this to be a trend that takes off. As you scroll through our favorite looks from the collection below, you'll quickly see the differences between some of the retailer's previous dancer-esque pieces, as these are more deconstructed, unkempt, and over-layered and have an edge about them we have not seen before… at least not in relation to anything ballet.

Go on to scroll through our favorite looks from Zara's new ballerina-off-duty spring capsule collection.