Hold Up: All of Zara's New Arrivals Are This Color

Zara is rolling out its new spring pieces at a lightning pace as of late (even we can hardly keep up!), and we couldn't help but notice that its latest crop has something big in common. Practically every one of its newest pieces is a shade of pink, from pale to hot. Given the timing, it would be easy to associate the drop with Valentine's Day, but the collection is corralled into its own category on the site, curiously named City Front Row, perhaps alluding to the fashion month that's upon us.

Given the rosy outlook of the S/S 17 runways, it's safe to say that Zara is taking its cues more from Gucci, Balenciaga, and Valentino than conversation hearts, but either way, prepare to fill your cart with ruffled pink tops, rose gold skirts, sleek blush blazers, and hot-pink '80s-inspired trousers. 

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite new pink pieces from Zara! (Warning: Deciding which to spring for may be the toughest shopping decision you've encountered so far this year.)