Did Zara Just Endorse This Controversial Footwear Trend?

Mention flip-flops in a casual conversation and you’re bound to get some strange looks. The ultra-casual footwear has recently experienced a resurgence on the runway, but many industry insiders still seem hesitant to get on board. But these days, one easy way to predict the trends that are on the way in is to turn to Zara, and, well, the fast-fashion retailer is taking a controversial stance.

Recently, we spotted a pair of platform flip-flops hidden in Zara’s new arrivals section. The style is not yet available to shop but was used to finish off a summery two-piece ensemble on the site. We can only assume the ’90s-inspired shoes will soon become available for purchase too. In the meantime, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite similar sandal styles available on Zara’s site now.

Check it all out below, and then let us know your feelings on the return of flip-flops for 2017!