3 Reasons Zara Fans Should Be Freaking Out Right Now

Not that you really need another excuse to shop at Zara, but three newsy tidbits might make you even more eager to drop half of your paycheck on the beloved brand.

Refinery29 recently paid a visit to Zara's headquarters in Spain and came away with some insider insights. Our favorites? First, the team reports that Zara is expanding into a top-secret new category in early March, only revealing that it's "a very zeitgeist-y category, [and] it looks like the much-pricier names that dominate the space." Any guesses?

According to the site, Zara is also working on two technological updates that will make your in-store experience quicker and more streamlined: self-checkout stations and touchscreens in dressing rooms for requesting different sizes. (Let's hope those self-checkout stations—which are already implemented in some of Zara's stores in Spain—cut down on those always lengthy lines.) Something tells us our wallets will take a hard hit thanks to all of these news updates.

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Opening Image: Zara