Hold Up—These Zara Shoes Are Weirdly Every Fashion Girl's Dream

A little while back, the mismatched-shoe trend was born thanks to the ever-forward brand Céline. Considering the trend is, well, strange (in a good way), it only seems natural that when we polled you all via Instagram on the topic, your responses were rather polarized. But alas, here we are facing the style head-on again for fall 2017. There's no denying that the spring version of this trend was the lace-up toe-strap mismatched sandals, but this fall, Zara just proved it's all about the mismatched mules.

Zara's latest rendition of this cool-girl shoe trend almost caught us by surprise as we were taking our daily scroll through the retailer's new-arrivals section. Initially, we were convinced this was one of Zara's enticing styling tricks, but one click later, we realized this mismatched set of black-and-white mules was in fact sold as one pretty little pair. Mismatched shoes? Yes, this trend is a little "weird," but it's one that the most trend-driven fashion girls have been eating right up. And, for the record, we are completely on board.

Scroll down to see the mismatched mules Zara is currently endorsing for fall 2017.