Why You Should Buy Something From Zara or H&M Today

When it comes to major fast-fashion brands, eco-friendly isn't usually the first term that comes to mind. But for certain brands, perhaps it should be. Greenpeace just released their yearly check-in leading up to their goal to detox fashion by 2020, and they focused this year's check-in on implementation. They explain, "Brands are evaluated from the point of view of their Detox 2020 deadline to eliminate hazardous chemicals, thinking backwards to assess if they have the necessary tools to be fit for 2020."

Greenpeace's Detox My Fashion campaign began in 2011 to address the problem of industries using the environment (waterways in particular) to dump hazardous chemicals, fashion brands included. They named three companies that are ahead of the curve in 2016, which they said are "leading the industry towards a toxic-free future with credible timelines, concrete actions and on-the-ground implementation." At the top of the heap? Inditex (Zara's parent company), H&M, and Benetton. So aside from saving money and looking cool, there's yet another reason why you should feel good about shopping these fast-fashion retailers. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite new arrivals from Zara and H&M. 

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Opening Image: Zara