Clearly, Zara Doesn't Think This Shoe Style Is Dead



While designer brands like Prada and Gucci are key in determining what the next big shoe trends will be, Zara undoubtedly wields a lot of its own power when it comes to deciding which shoe styles to start wearing, revive, or in this case, keep alive. The reason is that the retailer takes shoe trends into its own hands and determines which it will most strongly endorse, subsequently offering them at an attainable price that people buy in droves, no matter what their budget is. That said, we pay a lot of attention to Zara-approved shoe styles and trends. 

The latest style to catch our eye (err, hit us over the head) is one that's quite classic but that has taken the backseat to more directional styles in recent seasons: high stilettos. Recently, the fashion world has been all about block heels, kitten heels, sculptural heels, platform heels, and, well, no heels. But given that a plethora of Zara's new shoe arrivals and high-heel inventory are stilettos (specifically, pointed-toe and oftentimes embellished or comprised of a special material), we don't think the style is headed for extinction anytime soon. Perhaps it's the return of the '80s in fashion or the power-dressing trend. Whatever the reason, Zara is clearly championing stiletto heels right now. 

Shop some of our favorite styles below!

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