The Zara Pieces Every Fashion Girl Will Be Wearing Next Month



Fall is upon us, and with it a whole new season of fashion trends to test out. That’s right—those red boots and workwear blazers we’ve been talking about for months will finally be pieces you’ll start seeing IRL. Now, you don’t have to wait any longer to give them a try because the biggest fall trends have already dropped at Zara.

With the best of next season already up for grabs at Zara, not only can you get a head start on the next big trends, you can also try them out without making a big investment. If you've been wanting to try wearing feathers but don’t want to commit to a pair of expensive shoes from Prada, turn to Zara instead for feather mule flats ($60).

Or if you’ve been thinking about the puffy sleeve trend but aren’t sure if it will be around next season, Zara has a number of options all under $40 that you can wear to experiment with the look. Want to find out all of the trends fashion girls will be wearing from Zara next month?

Ahead, we’re breaking down the top seven fall fashion trends you can find at Zara right now.

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