Only Zara Could Convince Me to Try These Controversial Sandals


Collage Vintage

Browsing Zara's new arrivals section is a dangerous game. The fast-fashion brand has a knack for baiting us with cool (and affordable) takes on just about every trend out there. But, every once and a while there's a single game-changing item that deserves an immediate add to your cart (for fear it might sell out otherwise). For me, it was stumbling across a pair of simple mules with vinyl straps.

Don't get me wrong, usually, I steer clear of vinyl shoes and clothing, especially during summer. I've seen a few too many pictures of steamy, squished feet in those clear Yeezy boots to feel some hesitation. Additionally, vinyl footwear comes along with a certain amount of '90s nostalgia that I'm not sure I'm ready to bring back yet. But, the thin lucite straps on these mules are a welcome update, and they don't run the risk of any unfortunate shoe sweat. Plus, at just $50, it's hard to resist this cool, downtown take on the usually polished mule trend.

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