Zara Says This Polarizing Ankle Boot Style Is a Best Seller



Ever since Zara launched its Best Sellers category, we've been eagerly checking it (er, stalking it) on a regular basis, as it's a strong indicator of the trends that Zara shoppers are actually into, which is an indicator of the trends that pretty much everyone is actually into, right? Given that now is the time of year that fashion girls really commit to finding the best ankle boots on the market to invest in, there are several pairs that are currently included on the Best Sellers page, one of which is sure to be polarizing.

The ankle boots in question are a pair of very "2017" kitten-heel sock boots that have cords wrapped around the ankles, but what really surprised us was that they feature an open toe. Recently, this was considered a bit of an outdated look, and every time they come back into style, you'll undoubtedly hear rumblings about the contradictory nature of the boots since part of the purpose of ankle boots is to keep your feet warm.

That said, Zara shoppers know what they want, and since they're choosing these from the hundreds of shoe options available right now, it must be a thing, right? Need further proof? They're currently sold out in all but three sizes.

Below, see the polarizing best-selling Zara ankle boots, and shop them for yourself, if you're so inclined.