The $50 Zara Leggings You Were Not Expecting


Collage Vintage

We can always count on fast-fashion mega-brand Zara to be on top of the trends. The brand has a knack for mixing and matching of-the-moment styles to create something new and unexpected. Its latest buzzy hybrid is a ballet-inspired pair of leggings that have a built-in dancer's skirt. Calling the style controversial might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when we polled the Who What Wear office for opinions, the responses were definitely divided.

Some noted that like the ballerina sneaker before, the leggings transform an everyday favorite into something unique and feminine. Others doubted their ability to pull off the style, but we think that paired with the right pieces (like ballet flats and a pretty blouse), the resulting dancer-off-duty ensemble could be a real winner. Curious to check it all out for yourself?

See the leggings below, and then shop similar styles from Zara!