Zanita Whittington Teams up With Glue Store

Zanita Whittington wears many hats—blogger, stylist, photographer, model—and is also one of the stars of Fashion Bloggers TV. But for this new project, she’s put two hats on at once to style and photograph the latest concept out of retail giant Glue Store—Curated.

At Who What Wear Australia, we're all about giving you a tight edit of everything you need to know in the fashion space. Glue Store is on the same wavelength. The new in-store and online capsule collection, launching this month, will offer a selection of leading Australian and international labels.

Think of it like a gallery. Each season, a new curation of brands will be available for you to discover, fall in love with and shop. If the first selection of labels is anything to go by—Bec & Bridge, Oskar, Zoe Karseen, J Brand and more—you’re sure to be lured back for more.

Keep scrolling to see the campaign and to read our interview with Zanita. 

On preferring to be in front or behind of the camera…

I feel at home in both of those roles—though I prefer being a photographer because it’s more challenging and rewarding. There seems to be no limit to the varying styles and themes you can utilise on a shoot. Great for someone with a short attention span! 

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

On her favourite brands in Curated…

I love Bec & Bridge, Zoe Karssen and C/MEO. I’m a t-shirt kind of girl on my days off and Zoe Karssen does the absolute BEST tees. 

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

On her evolving website…

Creating the outfits and photo diary style posts every day hampers my ability to further myself creatively because it’s so time consuming. I don’t want to give less to the site, I just want to do bigger and more exciting projects that take more time. Therefore I decide to use the space additionally for contributors I believe in. These days it’s so challenging to build a following from the ground up, so finding these people and sharing their stories on my channels just makes sense to me. 

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

On her most memorable projects…

Glue Store Curated has been such an incredible opportunity to realise a vision. Working with Louis Vuitton on a project with Nicole Warne, shooting Jessica Hart and Sara Donaldson for Tony Bianco have also been really special.

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store 

On what it was like to work with Glue Store…

It was a dream! The team and I had a real synergy when it came to discussing ideas and my job was so much easier with such fashion-forward pieces at my disposal. 

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

On her long term career goals…

I’d like to work with other great photographers on projects in the future. The best part of my job is the varying roles, it means that it never gets boring.

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

On how she keeps her wardrobe curated…

I keep my wardrobe curated by instinct! I only keep the pieces I truly love in there. Sometimes it’s a bit chaotic but I’m a firm believer in making my personal style fun. 

Credits:  Curated at Glue Store

How do you keep your wardrobe curated? Let us know in the comments below!

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