Zac Posen Tells Us All About His Wedding Dress Collection

You’ve seen his red carpet masterpieces blowing up social feeds and his showstopping frocks billowing behind models on the runway, so it goes without saying that Zac Posen knows his gowns. Detail and innovation are constantly at play in each dress Posendreams into being, but at the center of it all, the designer’s full attention is devoted to the woman who brings each gown to life. This is why Mr. Posen’s crossover into bridal feels so natural and, for all intents and purposes, meant to be. So when we received an invite to visit Posen on a shoot for his latest Truly by Zac Posen collection for David's Bridal, the answer naturally was yes. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with the designer as we talk gowns, the brides who wear them, and why he deems the wedding dress the most empowering gown of all. 


On Bride: David's Bridal Truly Zac Posen Satin A-Line Wedding Dress ($1058).

WHO WHAT WEAR: Collaborations are a constant in the industry. What’s most rewarding about yours with David’s Bridal?

ZAC POSEN: I decided to collaborate with David’s Bridal because I wanted to offer the Truly Zac Posen collection to a larger audience through the bridal market lens and at affordable prices. I find it rewarding to design this collection because I am creating beautiful dresses that reflect my aesthetic of femininity and sensuality, with a focus on impeccable fit that will be worn during one of life’s most special moments. These dresses are my love note to the bride on her most special day, and I consider being a part of the process a wonderful privilege.

WWW: Who is the Truly by Zac Posen bride?

ZP: The Truly Zac Posen woman is someone who is empowered and comfortable in her own skin. I don’t have one particular muse, but I believe that all women deserve to experience that moment of red carpet glamour in a dress that makes them feel their most confident and beautiful on their wedding day. 

WWW: What can brides-to-be expect to find in the new collection that we haven’t seen in previous outings?

ZP: All the dresses in the new collection are pieces of me in different ways, and they are all uniquely glamorous. I love these creations because I believe that they can make the ultimate wedding statement and help romanticize a woman’s most important day.


On Bride: David's Bridal Truly Zac Posen Mermaid Wedding Dress With Lace ($1258).

WWW: We imagine it’s quite the challenge to take on a bridal collection while simultaneously designing your own.

ZP: Designing a bridal collection offers me a new creative outlet to create glamorous and luxurious gowns for women who may not have an opportunity to wear a one-of-a-kind dress, but [who] can still bring [their] wedding-day fantasy to life when [walking] down the aisle in a Truly Zac Posen gown. [A woman’s] wedding day is her red carpet moment, so each dress is designed to capture her individuality.

WWW: How do you approach designing bridal? What are important things to look for in terms of construction when considering a gown?

ZP: I love fabric and textures, and I like blending them in a way that feels very “romantic” but not as if there is too much happening. I have used various silks, organza, feathers, and even black lace for the edgier bride. I enjoy experimenting with new types of fabrics and working with those that bring out individual silhouette features in a soft and romantic way.


On Bride: David's Bridal Truly Zac Posen Tiered Button Back Wedding Dress ($1008).

WWW: What is the “bridal rule of thumb” before trying on the first gown?

ZP: The most important thing to remember is that your wedding dress should be a true reflection of you and your style. There is no right or wrong way to find the wedding dress of your dreams—take your time; try on different styles and silhouettes to make sure that you are finding the gown that embraces your sensuality and personality.

WWW: What if she hasn’t found the dress yet?

ZP: The best advice I can offer brides to make it less stressful: Fall in love with the dress that empowers you. It should make you feel confident, beautiful, and glamorous—giving you your red carpet moment. You will know when you find the dress of your dreams, just like you knew when you found The One.

If you only had a choice of two people to join you for wedding dress shopping, who would you bring and why?