You Can Set Your Own Prices at the Everlane Holiday Sale

Everlane is one of our favorite sites for high fashion at low cost, but until December 31 only the costs are even lower.

The site is having a "Choose Your Price" sale, where you can select from three options a price you would like to pay. So their Wool Trench might be $110, $132, or $225 depending on what you select, but it's definitely a reduction from its original price of $250.

Everlane's tradition of sales transparency holds true here, so you can see what each product actually costs and what money goes back to the company. According to Refinery29, the highest prices make a profit for the company, while the lowest prices cover only shipping and production so the company makes no profit. Whatever you choose, it's another reason to appreciate the brand's dedication to its clientele and maybe snag an amazing pair of loafers in the process.

Scroll down to see some amazing pieces from Everlane's "Choose Your Price" sale!