How Gigi and Bella Actually Found Their Personal Style, From Yolanda Hadid

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

When one imagines Gigi and Bella Hadid's upbringing, it's easy to think they grew up living and breathing fashion. Their coveted street style, skyrocketing modeling careers, and bona fide It girl status make them seem like naturals in all things fashion, but this wasn't always the case. At The Daily Front Row's third annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards last week, we caught up with Yolanda Hadid, who was being honored at the ceremony as the Mother of the Year.

Hadid spilled that despite growing up in a model household, Gigi and Bella didn't have a fashion upbringing. "They always did dress-ups in my closet, and they would goof around and run around the house in my big shoes," she reflected. "So they played with it, but they really weren't that much into fashion. They were both at the barn six days a week and horse showing every weekend. So their upbringing was really not about fashion."

And though she admitted that her own style has influenced her daughters, she gives most of the credit to Gigi and Bella, who she says have come into their own since launching their modeling careers. "They really shape their own style and view of fashion by being in this business and by working with such creative people who have such an authentic style," Hadid explained. "And I think they love it … and they both have a very different style, and they own it."

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