This Australian Influencer Reveals What Inspires Her Instagram-Worthy Outfits


Yan Yan Chan

There was a common thread running throughout our team's style resolutions for 2018: refining (and elevating) our own personal style. Lucky for us, we can count so many intelligent, interesting and stylish women in the Who What Wear Australia family, that there's always someone to learn from. Yan Yan Chan is one influencer we've had high on a radar this year. A content creator and Instagram pro, Chan's style is a she's-with-the-band blend of masculine and feminine, and her attitude is equal parts free spirit and cool. In short: We think Chan is the woman to take summer style cues from. So, we did.

Taking inspiration from iconic '90s fashion campaigns, unexpected films (add French classic Breathless to your watch list), and the light in L.A., Chan talked us through exactly how she crafts her looks. If you're down for dressing like a "Spanish ex-wife who only wears a lot of white dresses"—aren't we all?—you'll want to read our chat below.

Who What Wear Australia: How would you describe your personal style?

Yan Yan Chan: Spontaneous, laid back, and occasionally a little preppy. I love wearing feminine pieces and injecting a little bit of masculinity into the look, or playing with lengths: White little dresses with black platform boots, oversized blazers with short skirts, white socks with brogues, or high waisted pants with short crops.

WWW: What inspires your look?

YYC: Anything from my obsession with late '90s campaign imagery, to film outtakes from the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Mario Sorrenti, and Jurgen Teller, to that list of films from high-school that I absolutely adore! 10 Things I Hate About You, Jean Luc-Godard's Breathless, Woody Allen's Manhattan and Midnight in Paris, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing—all the Bond girls of James Bond!—and the places I travel. I love the light in L.A., the different smells of each city, and the energy I vibe off other people.


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WWW: Are there any summer trends are you excited to work into your wardrobe?

YYC: This isn’t really a Summer trend, but I have forever loved Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean the other day, so this summer I’m excited to be wearing a lot of white, off-white and cream. . . Dressing as a lady-pirate-meets-Spanish-ex-wife who only wears a lot of white dresses and dramatic black boaters!

WWW: Any tips for how we can experiment with our look?

YYC: Know your body shape and what looks good on it. Once you find those shapes that you feel comfortable and confident in, it's easier to experiment with colours, layering, and anything else that goes. I go through phases. . . I love encapsulating a mood or vibe, or being inspired by a character, adding different types of jewellery or textures.

WWW: What are your current wardrobe obsessions?

YYC: I’m currently in the tropics, so a lot of linen, bright scarves, jumpsuits. . . Anything that feels good on the skin, easy to lounge in, and throw on or throw off.