So Are Detachable-Leg Jeans a Thing in 2017?

Personally, we love a pair of jeans that sit high on the waist, has only the teensiest amount stretch, and crops right above the ankle. But hey, that isn’t for everyone. Because as we suspect, a few of you all might be more drawn to the slouchy, low-rise, and detachable-leg version, and in that case, we’ve found the pair of your dreams on Opening Ceremony.

The Y/Project Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans are not for the classicists. They’re the latest in the line of truly daring denim trends the have us asking one question: Will this be a thing this year?

Consider the pair a fancier, denim version of your dad’s zip-off pants that he only breaks out for the occasional family nature walk. But instead of zippers that stand between the fabric and bare legs, there are straps that detach from the jeans to reveal short and very high-cut denim briefs beneath.

Honestly, it's all better to understand by taking a look for yourself. Scroll down then let us know if you'll be trying out a pair for the summer.

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