To paraphrase someone much wiser, if you're tired of fashion, you must be tired of life. After all, there are so many interesting looks out there and endless ways you can put yourself together; the sheer number of possibilities is inherently invigorating, isn't it? We sure think so! To prove this premise, we've rounded up six super-chic ladies wearing wonderful outfits that are sure to engage your sartorial sensibilities. Whether you like Kate Moss' boudoir jacket choice, approve of Alexa Chung's shoe selection, or support Anja Rubik's transitional mid-blue hues, you're sure to find something to inspire (and desire!) in today's WWW: Tips.

Tip # 1: Keep round sunglasses in the mix.
Though we're definitely focused on cat-eye frames this season, that doesn't mean you have to put your other sunnies into cold storage! Au contraire, dear readers, your favorite circular shades are still a stylish option