Mischa Barton

At the heart of matters, WhoWhatWearDaily's intent is to provide inspiration for personal style. We like to point out people who have unique and interesting ways of putting themselves together to serve as fashion muses for our readers (and selves). Today's story is an example of our tenet, as we take Mischa Barton and imagine What Would She Wear? Mischa's style these days is very mod-meets-gypsy, and while she favors Chanel, Matthew Williamson, and Missoni, the overall feel of her look can be captured without paying couture prices.

On any given day, one can usually spot Mischa in an above the knee, a-line, mini dress. Unlike some of her contemporaries, she's rarely keen to show too much skin and balances her favored short hems with modest necklines or loosely cut shapes. She's always got on a great pair of sandals with some sort of cool detailing. We've also noticed that she's wearing medallions with long chains and multiple gold rings as of late. With this in mind, we found the following pieces that we think are very Bartonesque.

1. Kenneth Cole sandals, $117, bluefly.com
These black and beige leather sandals (style name: Hits The Spot) have black patent leather accents and a simple stone embellishment.

2. Tibi dress, $280, net-a-porter.com
The bold print and clean lines of the Molokai Mini Dress is in keeping with Mischa's sensibilities-retro and modern all simultaneously!

3. Topshop necklace, $30, topshop.com
The Mosaic Disc Necklace's enamel pendent has a vintage feeling thanks to the turquoise and topaz accents. It's even on a super-long chain (80 cm) the way Mischa favors her necklaces.

4. Topshop bangle, $16, topshop.com
The Metal Bobble Bangle would be a perfect accent piece to go with the gold rings Mischa wears. Grab a few of these skinny bracelets for maximum effect.

5. ASOS bag, $50, asos.com
Mischa's always a wild card in the handbag department (choosing everything from simple, vintage Chanel to highly-designed, modern Gucci), nonetheless the intricate threading on the Gem Detail Canvas Shopper seemed fitting.

6. M.A.C. Cosmetics polish, $10, maccosmetics.com
For those of us who favor dark polish (Mischa included) this deep purple Dark Angel Nail Lacquer gives you the feeling of black nails without being dated.

Photo of Mischa, courtesy of www.splashnews.com