Cameron Diaz

Whether it's an affinity for her easy, unfussy street style or admiration of her idiosyncratic red carpet choices, there is much to love about Cameron Diaz's style. She somehow manages the neat trick of creating looks that are accessible while remaining individualistic. In short, Diaz does her own highly personal, deceptively simple take on the fashions du jour. (We say "deceptively" because it takes skill to coax a few, well-chosen items into having a large impact.) As such, we thought she'd make the perfect paper doll for us to play dress up with today.

Our search for What Would She Wear was guided by a few sartorial principles, inspired by Diaz of course. We needed to blend super luxurious, high-end items with thrillingly thrifty pieces of smart design. Color, via small intense pops or larger swaths, is key, as is comfort, since Diaz doesn't seem to buy the fashion-equals-torture theory. Finally, we knew we must riff on popular shapes and silhouettes in a remarkable way.

With an image of Diaz strolling in Manhattan as our starting off point, we pulled together an outfit that encompasses the above-outlined style manifesto. In the photo, Diaz is toting an of-the-moment bag (Fendi's oversized convertible clutch), so we gave her a slouchy Spy from Fendi's spring collection with beading (a big trend for the season). Color came courtesy of a gorgeous chiffon top from the new and notable Chris Benz (just the sort of designer Diaz supports) and a cool, cheap-o, seafoam green ring. Finally, since wide-leg pants will continue to be big this year, we picked a pair of long shorts-ahem, culottes-in this shape. The long-limbed, lean, and athletic Diaz could pull the difficult length off, unlike most of us, with ease.

1. Fendi Beaded Spy Bag ($2750)
Brown leather accessories shall be quite popular this spring, as will items with beaded details and prints. This unusual Spy bag fits all three trends perfectly. The brown leather bag has white, brown, green, and red beadwork and is available for pre-order now.

2. Kenneth Jay Lane Gold & Stone Cuff ($175)
Diaz's propensity for uncommon, exceptional jewelry is well documented, and we think this statement piece is very in her style. The bracelet is gold-plated, two inches wide, and has black crystal stones.

3. Chris Benz Jenna Chiffon Top ($695)
Benz is of the most interesting emerging designers around and this bright chiffon top is masterful. The delicate pleating ads a touch of femininity, as does the slightly sheer fabric. It comes with a camisole, has three-quarter length sleeves, and also comes in a lush orange color.

4. Nine West Jobilyn Gladiator Sandals ($82.95)
These sandals have that easy chic look that is Diaz's signature and resemble a much pricier pair by Giuseppe Zanotti. We pulled a light brown leather pair, but if this shade doesn't suit your fancy, they also come in 10 other colors.

5. Dorothy Parker Denim Front Button Culottes ($50)
Perhaps this is a bit evil of us (as these are tough to pull off), but we couldn't help including these wide, sailor-esque shorts. For those of you who don't have a Diaz-like frame, just swap the shorts for a similarly shaped pair of jeans.

6. Urban Outfitters Lurex Striped Oblong Scarf ($24)
One of the appealing things about Diaz's style is that she usually looks like she put herself together with a practical eye. A neutral woven scarf like this one not only adds another dimention to her outfit, it's also warm!

7. shu uemura Pressed Eye Shadow icon in Yellow Elation ($20)
Unlike many of her peers, Diaz admirably experiments with lots of different beauty looks. One style that she favors for day involves a light wash of golden shadow. This limited edition shadow would look lovely on her and the pretty packaging has appeal as well.

8. ASOS Large Faceted Stone Ring ($16)
The chunky shape and soothing jade shade of this glass ring makes this bauble look luxe. Buy it in a slightly larger size and wear on your index or middle finger, a la Diaz.

Photo of Cameron,