The 10 Workout Accessories Every Gym Rat Needs in 2017

Since a majority of the New Year's resolutions you hear involve getting in better shape or exercising more consistently, why not get ahead of the game and treat yourself to a few of the workout accessories we know will keep you motivated come 2017? It's okay to admit that new workout clothes give you that extra boost needed to get you up and to the gym, and the same can apply to workout accessories

The best thing about these chic athletic add-ons is that they aren't just there to make you look like more of a gym rat than you already are (or aren't)—they each actually serve a unique purpose and can aid in boosting your workout in one way or another. From the latest Fitbit to stylish non-slip socks, get ready to shop the most stylish workout accessories on the market. Treating yourself now will result in treating your body later, we promise. 

Keep reading to shop the workout accessories everyone will be sporting come the New Year!