This City Has Googled Sneakers the Most Over the Past 12 Months

No matter where you live, stylish sneakers are key when it comes to the athleisure trend. While we’ve shared the most popular sneaker styles on the East and West Coasts, today we’re shifting topics and revealing the city that has googled the workout essential the most. To do this, we investigated Google Trends and set the parameters to the United States to find out which city searched the term “women's sneakers” the most over the past year.

As it turns out, people living in the Philadelphia area are most interested in what the internet has to provide when it comes to sneakers. The term was googled 50% more there than in cities like Los Angeles and Washington. Google Trends provides data in real time, so it’s to note that this information can slightly vary depending on the time of the search. Whether you live in Philly or you’re simply looking for a cool new pair of sneakers, keep reading to shop our top picks.

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