10 Different Jobs You Can Have at a Fashion Company

As we've already pointed out, there’s no set path for breaking into the fashion industry these days. For example, I’ve shared how I landed my dream job all the way from Kansas, our editor Lauren Eggertson wrote about how she made it in the industry, and Kristen Nichols explained how she never studied fashion and still landed a job in New York City. The point here is if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen, whether that’s finding an internship or editorial job. Today we’re slightly shifting gears and sharing 10 different jobs in the fashion industry that aren’t an editor position.

From our head of people and culture and social team members to our sales team and campaign managers, keep reading to get to know the incredibly talented women working at Who What Wear and learn more about the plethora of roles within the fashion industry.