These Pop Culture Witches Are Low-Key Fashion Icons

There are two kinds of witches: the Halloween-costume version, who wears long black robes, a pointy hat, and a perma-menacing scowl, and the pop culture version, who can look, well, a lot like you or me. In fact, TV and movies have provided an impressive number of witchy fashion icons over the past few decades, some of whom abide by some of the style conventions laid out by the "double, double, toil and trouble" set (Gothic jewelry, a penchant for black) and some of whom ignore them entirely.

What the witches you'll see below have in common is a killer sense of style—which is worth emulating whether or not you have any experience dabbling in the dark arts. If they got together, they'd make for the most fashionable coven of all time. Read on to see how five pop culture witches (or in some cases, groups of witches) dress, and shop pieces they'd each wear today.