How to Find the Right Vintage Silhouette for Your Shape

Trends come and go, but finding a silhouette that perfectly complements your body? Now that relationship is forever. And nobody knows this better than William Banks-Blaney, owner of WilliamVintage and Global Style Ambassador for American Express and Centurion. Dubbed “The Vintage King” by Vogue, Banks-Blaney has spent the last seven years helping women find their perfect silhouette(s) by way of his carefully curated collection of pieces. In light of his new book, 25 Dresses, Iconic Moments in Twentieth Century Fashion ($35), we chatted with Banks-Blaney about the defining looks of decades past and the body shapes that work best for each. Keep reading for our exclusive interview. 

“I think there is one preface to make, which is really important. The bottom line is that every shape fits every decade, because women have always been tall and short, and big busted and flat chested, and curvy and thin. So you can always think that this is something to guide you. If you are a size 16 and you love the look from the 1960s, that’s still something that is possible. It might take a little more patience to find the right thing, but there will still be that dress for you.” — William Banks-Blaney