The Medical Reason You Should Never Wear Your Hair Tie on Your Wrist

In what might just be the most terrifying news you read all day, the Internet is abuzz over a local news story from Louisville, Kentucky about a woman who got a horrible infection from wearing her hair tie around her wrist.

Audree Kopp went to the doctor when she noticed a painful bump on her wrist that kept growing in size and didn't seem to be getting better. It turned out that she had a large abscess under her skin, and her doctor told her she probably got infected by bacteria that were living on her hair tie, which she wore constantly on her wrist. The bacteria entered her body through her skin and hair follicles, causing a major infection that could have easily progressed to sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

We'll spare you the gross details of Kopp's horrifying experience, but let the lesson ring out loud and clear: Wearing your hair tie on your wrist is just not worth the risk to your health! Plus, with chic bracelets that serve the same purpose, there's no reason to keep up the habit.

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Have you ever had a medical issue from your hair ties? Tell us your story in the comments below!