Why Women's Shirt Buttons Are on the Opposite Side of Men's

Photo: Photo: A Love Is Blind

It's a long-standing question that has inspired many fashion theorists put in their two cents: Why are women's shirts buttoned up on the right side, while men's are on the left?

The convenience theory is out, since up to 70% of humans are right-handed; it seems unfair that guys get the advantage here. Can we blame breastfeeding habits? The popularity of horseback riding during the birth of ready-to-wear fashion? Or maybe it had to do with the fact that wealthy women at the time were dressed by servants? The problem with each of these solutions is it's all too easy to poke holes in them with an ounce of practical reasoning. 

Intrigued? Elle.com's Kristina Rodulfo investigated the theories behind the fashion mystery; check out the full story here

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