The Reason Vetements Sells Out So Fast Isn't What You'd Think


Melodie Jeng/Getty

There's no denying Vetements is a fashion force to be reckoned with. The most buzzed-about brand hasn't lost steam since its arrival on the scene in 2014. In fact, it appears that its phenomenal popularity has yet to peak. Stores can hardly keep its sought-after products in stock. Fashion industry heavyweights and the coolest It girls alike fawn over the label's every offering, and it's essentially guaranteed constant exposure thanks to the unending social media—and old-school media—fanfare surrounding it.

But as much as the supreme success of Vetements—with its $330 "DHL" T-shirt and reconstructed jeans ranging in the thousands—seems to be a rare fashion phenomenon, the secret behind its success comes down to a science. Vetements is engineered to be a hot commodity. The fashion collective's CEO, Guram Gvasalia, recently sat down with WWD to spill the secrets to the brand's incredible success. Gvasalia's strategy came down to three main points that pretty much ensure the label remains at the helm of leading fashion into a new direction and giving it a fresh take on luxury.

Vetements is meticulous about how much product it puts into the market. "We always supply less than the demand, so we're always sold out," Gvasalia said. "It's easier to sell one piece less than the market wants, so you are sold out rather than to sell a piece extra, and it doesn't sell." It's clear the strategy has been working so far.

How it releases new collections is deliberate. "We don't put all the merchandise in the market at the same time," he said. "If you drop too much product, you lose attention." As the third pillar, Gvasalia spoke about how Vetements is careful about growth. Thinking of Vetements as their child, Gvasalia says at a certain age it reaches maturity and shouldn't grow anymore.

The brand has no plans to open its own e-commerce site or brick-and-mortar store and won't expand its collection. "It's going to grow in terms of diversity of the product range," Gvasalia said. "So basically the collection grows, but it doesn't grow just in quantity of pieces. It grows in terms of the people who wear it.

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