Why the Sneaker Trend Has Exploded, According to an Expert

Sneakers have likely reached maximum saturation in the celebrity and street style world; more ladies are wearing them now than ever before. Seeing how specific pieces cycle in and out of fashion is always interesting, but since sneakers are arguably so pedestrian (see what we did there?), one has to wonder why exactly they've taken off so much.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting FlyWheel instructor extraordinaire and Nike master trainer Holly Rilinger, who also just made her reality TV debut on Bravo's new show Work Out New York. As a storied fitness pro (she's been instructing for more than seven years!), Rilinger has a very interesting perspective on why athletic sneakers have crossed over so powerfully into the fashion space.

"Well, it's nice to be comfortable!" Rilinger tells us. "I really think it's first and foremost about comfort—that, and being able to wear one thing throughout the day. You live a busy life, and you can go from work to drinks to dinner without the whole heels-in-your-bag thing."

Simple enough! And as women who enjoy having less pain in our feet and looking simultaneously on trend, we think she's spot-on. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite sneakers now!

Why do you think the sneaker trend has become such a major thing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!