Revelation: This Is Why Shoelaces Come Untied

If you wear sneakers on a regular basis (who doesn't?), you've definitely dealt with the annoyance of having your shoelaces come untied repeatedly. But have you ever thought about the science behind the common occurrence? An NPR article brought our attention to a new study conducted by a mechanical engineering professor that aimed to explain the phenomenon from a scientific perspective.

As it turns out, the untying happens in two steps. "First, the repeated impact of the shoe on the floor during walking serves to loosen the knot," the study explains. "Then, the whipping motions of the free ends of the laces caused by the leg-swing produce slipping of the laces. This leads to eventual runaway untangling of the knot." The professor and his researchers even created a slow-motion video to illustrate their findings after they conducted over 100 hours of testing. The more you know.

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