The One Fashion "Rule" You Should Always Break

When it comes to fashion rules, this editor’s opinion is that they’re made to be broken. Sure, there are some important ones: By all means, adhere to wedding dress codes, and please don’t wear inappropriate office clothes. But other than that, some fashion guidelines just feel old and outdated. In my opinion, for example, nothing rings more false than the old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. As you can see, this editor has an affinity for wearing white, and Labor Day puts no stop to that.

I know what you’re thinking: Summer is a great time to wear linen dresses and lace-trimmed tops, but what happens after Labor Day? Well, I’m here to tell you that as it turns out, fall might be an even better time to wear white. One of the biggest trends for fall happens to be white shoes. Yep—white ankle boots, pointed mules, cool sneakers, and even ruffle-trimmed kitten heels are all going to be on the feet of every fashion girl you know. So we say don’t be shy about wearing white after Labor Day.

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