The One Thing I Always Buy From H&M

Let me begin by saying this: I am a sunglass hoarder. Aviators? Got 'em. Round-lens variety? Also got 'em. And the same could be said of plenty of other styles I have piled up in a little wicker basket in my bedroom. To me, sunglasses can make or break an outfit. They add an instant dose of cool to otherwise simple looks, and let's be honest—they're great for covering up any inherited under-eye circles.

With my growing shades obsession, I've road-tested plenty of pairs, but I always go back to H&M. The fast-fashion retailer tends to offer designs that are of the moment without ever feeling too trendy. They're also sturdy, which is crucial for anyone who (like me) has a bad habit of throwing them into a bag on the way out the door. And let's not forget the best part, that they're super affordable, too.

Check out a few of our favorite styles from H&M below!