Why the Best Time to Buy a Chanel Bag Is Now

Purse obsessees know, a great handbag can come with a steep price tag. But, if you've put off investing in a Chanel purse, this may be just the best time to buy. Lorena Shiff, founder of consignment site Lorena's Worth, predicts that it's time to finally pull the trigger and invest in a coveted bag.

"There are two factors that play in the decision. One is that the euro-to-dollar exchange is at a low rate. Combined with the Chanel travel collection involving less expensive materials, like canvas, plastic, and silicon, the result is the lowest prices I have seen in Chanel purses in years."

Lorena recommends investing in a classic small flap purse, a piece that will hold its value over time. For those looking to spring for something more affordable, she suggests the brand's messenger bag, which she states is "the cheapest bag, in full size, we have seen from Chanel in years."

If you're looking to scoop up a Chanel bag right this instant, shop a few of our favorite pre-owned styles below!

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage