L.A. and New York Editors Are Wearing These Shoes


Erin Fitzpatrick

When a stranger stops you in the street to ask where you got your shoes from, it's clear you're onto something. For our editors, it's a phrase we've come to answer with the response, "They're from our Who What Wear collection." Since we launched our first shoe collection with Target this past December, our editors have not only had the chance to work on the designs that make the final cut in store but have also been able to wear the pieces we helped dream up on the streets of New York and L.A.

Now, our newest collection of shoes has arrived just in time for fall, and each of our editors has a different pair that has quickly become a favorite. Below, we're highlighting how the team at Who What Wear is styling our shoes of choice now. And with every pair coming it under $50, feel free to treat yourself to all of your favorites

Read on to see it all now.