The #1 Way to Wear Your Maxi Dress This Summer

If you’ve yet to hop on board the admittedly polarizing dress-over-pants or, more specifically, dress-over-jeans trend, today’s post is sure to be the thing to convince you. Not only did blogger Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland make it appear flattering, approachable, and perfect for summer, but she did so via our very own Who What Wear collection Tiered Maxi Dress, which just so happens to retail for only $37—making the look more within reach than ever. The key to her nailing the combo seems to be the fact that the dress buttons go all the way up the front, so when styled with high-waisted jeans, it can be left open from the waist down to look more like a maxi top. It goes without saying that this is how we’ll be styling our maxis for the rest of the season.

But enough from us—see her look for yourself, then of course shop the game-changing dress, below.