My Jaw Dropped When I Found Out That These 20 Pieces Are All Under $70

I had quite a successful Black Friday. Scoring 50% off on pieces that I had been eyeing for weeks was such a good feeling. During special shopping moments like that, I tend to focus on accessories and other items I might not otherwise buy on a normal day. While I'm still celebrating my success, there are some areas of my winter wardrobe that need rounding out, especially in the ready-to-wear category. With Black Friday still on the brain, I'm not quite ready to be splurging again.

Lucky for me, I don't have to. With my fashion-editor market-sourcing skills, I know how to find a good deal. Throughout my search for the brand I plan on shoveling all of my money to during my winter wardrobe haul, I found myself at a place that feels like home. The Who What Wear x Target collection just got replenished with some new finds that delivered exactly what I was looking for. Think cozy knits that will stand the test of time, faux leather that looks like the real deal, and statement outerwear that will make even jeans and a tee a standout look. Oh, and every item is under $70. My shopping cart is filled up to the brim, so scroll to see my favorite finds and the fashion insiders already wearing them. 

The Leather Look



Any sort of head-to-toe moment is the easiest way to create a surefire fashion moment.

This is so buttery soft you won't believe it's not real leather.

I already have a pair of leather pants, but I'm starting to shy away from my high-rise styles, so I want to try these.

The Perfect Excuse for Another Matching Set



I know that if I buy these pants, my work-from-home uniform is going to gravitate around them.

Discrete buttons on the side offer versatility. 

Two Tones Are Better Than One



This coat looks so luxurious. I'd think it was from one of my favorite designers if I happened to pass by someone who was wearing it on the street.

The New Favorite Sweater



A good sweater is always at the top of my shopping list, and I think we found her.

The Model's Off-Duty Trousers



I could totally see these pants being the star of the show in a paparazzi shot.

Quick fashion secret: Wide-leg pants always make your legs look longer.

The Edgy Dress



The combination of the gentle, feminine neckline and edgy leather fabric is too cool.

The Right Amount of Ruffles



You can never have too many ruffles, but this feels like just the right amount if you're trying to be subtle. 

Okay, I need every color, but I know I'd get endless wears out of the black one.

The holiday season means it's time to wear jewel tones, so I'll be adding this color to the cart while I'm at it.

The "Mad for Plaid" Pants



I recently added these trousers to my collection, and I love how they are true multitaskers—I've tried dressing them up and wearing them for a casual errand run.

The seams at the front of the pants make me feel some type of way.

The Layer-Worthy Button-Down



This button-down also comes in this warm brown shade that I can't stop staring at.

I've had so much fun layering this piece under and over my favorite winter staples.

The Ultimate Knit Midi Dress



During the holiday season, I always gravitate to a knit midi dress since they are the perfect item to wear to any holiday party.

If you're more of a minidress girl like myself, the leg slit just might be your convincing factor.

I can't decide between white and black, so help me out here.

Shop more editor-approved picks:

I was looking for an excuse to book a ski trip, so this might be it.

Statement outerwear is the key to winter dressing in my opinion.

One of my favorite up-and-coming micro-trends is anything that gives off sailor vibes.

It's hard for me to find a floral print that I love. It looks like I got lucky today.