5 Ways to Wear the Same $33 Statement Flats 

As an editor who literally shops for a living, I often have strong convictions about fashion. I know the things I’ll wear and won’t wear, which trends to try and which to skip, what items are deemed “splurge-worthy” versus which to save on, etc. However, when it comes to statement pieces, many a time I’ve found myself unsure of what to do, and I repeatedly ask myself questions like Is it worth it? Will I wear it more than once? Will I be over it in two weeks?—and more. This is because, more often than not, the pieces in question are far from affordable, questionably flattering, and not necessarily versatile.

For this reason, when a standout item goes against these norms, I can’t help but rave about it, as is the case with the subject of today’s post: our very own Who What Wear Story Buckle Detail Flat Mules. Coming in at just $33, they’re not only affordable, but they come in two striking colorways (stark white and gray-toned snake), take outfits to the next level, and go with literally anything. To prove it, I’ve put together five totally different outfits using the flats and more affordable pieces from our line below.

Scroll through to see the under-$100 looks for yourself, and, of course, shop each one.